Quality never happens by chance.
We are aware of this and we are working true
We are aware of the seriousness of our work.
Therefore, the sensitivity we care.
Speed, quality and precision
gains value when provided.
More than 30 years of plastic
injection molding experience


Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing

By listening to your needs before and after design and producing solutions, we minimize possible problems in manufacturing and part production.

Our experienced craftsmen work diligently to complete the mold manufacturing process on time and as desired.


Our experienced staff is always ready for the engineering work required during the production phase of our molds and other manufacturing solutions.

It makes us happy as well as you, to successfully conclude the works that are said to be impossible with more than 30 years of experience in our field.

Final Part Production

We are at your service with our 5 injection machines up to 260 tons for your parts to be produced after mold manufacturing.

We are aware of the importance of delivering your parts produced with the same quality and care on time.

We have completed more than 400 mold projects together

From the first day we started to work, we do not compromise on quality and keep customer satisfaction in the foreground, and we think that we get the reward of our work.

We work precisely with our new injection molding machines

We respond to all your production requests with our injection machines up to 260 tons.

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