In the process of collecting the molds, of which all sub-parts have been produced, masters with high experience come into play. Subassemblies of the molds are created. All exercises are done. Parts requiring heat treatment are sent to heat treatment.

All additional processes of the molds are done at this stage. Thus, the male and female sides of the molds, which are collected separately, are brought together, the final reviews are made and the mold is closed.

Finally, hydraulic and water connections are placed and checked. Labels required for mold definitions are placed on the mold. The mold locks, which are important for safety, are attached and the molds are now ready for the first sample printing.

What are the Competencies of Mavi Kalıp?


Quality is directly proportional to time and cost. The important thing is to achieve the optimum level.


Regardless of the product to be used, if there is sensitivity, the more care should be taken during production. We take care of sensitive parts.


In addition to the accurate conclusion of the projects, their timely delivery is also a very important factor. In this regard, we work as fast as they are sensitive with our new generation and fast processing machines.


Even if all conditions are met and precautions are taken, an unforeseen error may be inevitable. Here the influence of experience is huge. With the experience we have gained since 1993, we have experience with more than 400 mold projects that we have concluded since our establishment in 2008.

-> We meet your needs with our mold production capacity up to 8 tons.

-> Apart from mold production, we are also working on special engineering productions.

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