About Us

Since our establishment in the mold industry in 2008, we offer plastic injection mold production, printing, plastic part design and technical consultancy services on the same issues to companies operating in the fields of white goods, automotive, electricity, electronics, telecommunication, toys, garden and home furniture, and we ensure the satisfaction of our customers. We tried to keep it at a high level. Meeting the needs of the industry increases our motivation even more on this path that we walk while maintaining the excitement of the first day.


Aiming to provide unconditional customer satisfaction with innovative, original product designs and services by developing a safe and quality product structure that is constantly supported by technological investments, to be a leader in regional markets, effective in world markets and aware of its social responsibilities, in harmony with world competition and proactive.


To provide added value to society and economy among our missions; to support and reward development and innovation; standardize the phenomenon of excellence; not compromising business ethics and honest working principles.